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Why Should You Consider Neck Tite?

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NeckTite, the modern-day fat remodeling solution for the neck.

NeckTite, or FaceTite, is increasing in popularity and has been regarded as the modern way ‘to remodel the fat in the neck or face to look younger’.
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, reports shows:

What is NeckTite?

NeckTite is one of the latest modern procedures for removing unwanted fat and tightening neck area skin. NeckTite is a safe, effective, and non-surgical way of treating loose skin and fat in the neck, commonly called ‘turkey neck.’ 

NeckTite technology is powered by RFAL (Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis) that has built-in safeguards:

What are the benefits of NeckTite?

What are NeckTite treatment areas?

What is the step-by-step NeckTite procedure?

Step 1

Patient is given local anesthesia.

Step 2

A small incision is made and the NeckTite device is inserted under the skin.

Step 3

Radio Frequency (RF) energy is applied.

Step 4

A bandage is applied around the neck for additional tightening.

Step 5

Patient returns home.  

Who is a good candidate for the NeckTite procedure?

The procedure can be performed on both men and women who want smoother, tighter and more youthful appearances.

What are the pre-procedure requirements?

What is there to expect after the procedure?

NeckTite is an in-office procedure. Patients can return home and can conduct regular activities right after the procedure.


When will NeckTite results appear? after the procedure?

Each person has a unique skin condition and type, some see results on the day of the procedure. As the body produces new collagen, gradually over the next three to six months, increased results will be observed.   

How long do NeckTite results last?

As long as the body produces new collagen, the results can usually last for five years or more. However, some factors like genetics, lifestyle choices, and overall skin condition can affect result longevity.

What are the side effects of NeckTite?

Slight bruising and mild swelling are side effects. However, they disappear within a week. Pain can be controlled by over-the-counter medicine.

Can breastfeeding or pregnant women to undergo the NeckTite procedure?

NeckTite cannot be carried out if a patient is pregnant or breastfeeding.

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