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Why Microneedling Is Such A Hot Topic

You’re in search for something more than a facial, but you’re not quite ready for a laser treatment.  We get it! We’ve all been there! For our patients and those who are still on the fence, we offer Microneedling.  Microneedling is a procedure that uses a needle-studded wand to create micro-wounds to the skin. Microneedling can treat an assortment of skin issues, including acne scars and sun damage. Likewise, it also promotes collagen development for those unpretentious signs of aging. It will smooth lines, wrinkles, and enhance the skin surface.

Why Choose Microneedling

The objective of a microneedling treatment is to stimulate collagen while effectively exfoliating the skin. The downtime is very minimal and the cost is more affordable compared to laser treatments. Your skin may appear red for the initial 25-72 hours and the pores on your face will be open.  Due to this, we advise patients to avoid putting on makeup for the first 24 hours.

Why Collagen Regeneration Is Important

Why is collagen regeneration is important?  Collagen is a natural protein produced in our bodies that keep the skin plump and youthful.  Collagen helps smooth wrinkles and fine lines while making the skin more elastic and firm. happening protein in our bodies that will keep the skin full and young. Microneedling utilizes the body’s own repair system to enhance the appearance. For instance, controlled skin injury prompts collagen creation, which in turn becomes a form of anti-aging!

Microneedling Treatments At Skin Secrets

At Skin Secrets we offer our Microneedling treatment as a stand alone service, or as an advanced treatment in combination with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). In laymen’s terms, microneedling + PRP becomes a result oriented facial that essentially uses your own blood to help promote the healthy activity of your skin cells! Our patients have seen a decline in skin issues, and a brighter, plumped, and more even complexion. When requesting this treatment, ask for the PRP Facial.

Low Pain Procedure

If you are concerned with the amount of pain this procedure causes, do not fear! The discomfort is low considering numbing cream is always applied before the procedure is preformed. Some patients have noticed an increase in tingling around the jawline, nose and forehead, but overall, the level of discomfort has been rated as a 3 out of 10.

Don’t Try This At Home

There are many DIY tools on the market that may have you thinking you may want to try this at home.  However,  leave this to a professional as performing such a treatment could make your face worse, cause an infection, or even permanent damage.  Always confirm your provider is trained, experienced, and licensed to perform a Microneedling treatment.  Feel free to to contact Skin Secrets as we welcome questions and offer a free consultation to find out which treatment is best for you!