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Why I chose to bring my Cosmetic arts and anti-aging clinic to Cape Coral Florida?

Skin Secrets in Paradise

I have a thriving anti-aging and liposculpting practice in the Cape Coral area and I was born and raised my children there.

So, I am often asked, “why move to Florida?” I love the mountains and change of seasons, but I have always been drawn to water, and the ocean. Looking out over the Caloosahatchee River as I drive across the bridge into the Cape is so soothing that I find myself immediately overcome with calmness and am at peace.

It is difficult to describe, but I am sure there are some other open water addicts out there. I still had not planned on moving the first time I visited, but I happened onto the Castle House zoned for a commercial business. Within 10 minutes of touring the house, I had a vision for and immediately knew I would be opening my new spa in this gorgeous structure.

Joining Freedom boat club and kayaking with the manatee at Lover’s Key State Park was just the frosting on the cake.  What I have really been impressed with is how incredibly friendly everyone is here. From McDonalds to Sam’s club, I have never run across such caring and friendly workers everywhere I visit.

Everyone seems to be a transplant from other states and are eager to meet and socialize with new people, even the Uber drivers. My husband is a chemist and can work from anywhere. We moved into a house on the golf course and have a beautiful view. My 3 children are all around the U.S. but now have a new place to visit and what’s not to love about Disney World being so close by? We could not be happier in our new home. We may need to learn to play golf!

Greta McLaren MD