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Weight Loss With Lipolean


is an injection that assists with weight loss and supports a healthier well-being.  It is injected into the muscle once a week throughout the course of your diet and exercise program.  It contains B Vitamins and essential amino acids to help give you energy, detoxify the body, and a whole lot more.


is an essential amino acid in the Lipolean injection. It reduces allergy symptoms, helps with depression and lowers stress levels.  It also helps to protect the kidneys by reducing liver fat, making the liver function more efficiently so it can detoxify the body.


is another key component of Lipolean.  Inositol helps to boost the immune system and lower cholesterol.   It also helps to control appetite and mood by increasing serotonin levels, and aids in the metabolism of fat.


an amino acid found in Lipolean, metabolizes fat therefore helping the body to break down cholesterol deposits. Choline is needed to produce acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter for memory, mood, muscle control, and other brain and nervous system functions.


another amino acid in Lipolean, helps the body to produce energy.  When you are on a restricted diet, getting the extra energy from the injection is extremely beneficial.

Lipolean injections

facilitate liver function enabling the fat and toxins to be removed from the body at a faster rate.  Lipolean along with a good diet and exercise can assist with weight loss, strengthen your immune system, boost energy, decrease allergy and depression symptoms and support your overall health.

The appointment is fast and easy.  Lipolean is typically injected into the hip. You are in and out in of the office in less than 10 minutes.  It is recommended to get the injections weekly while you are trying to lose weight or just want the overall benefits the B Vitamins and amino acids provide. Call Skin Secrets today to schedule your appointment for a Lipolean injection 303-770-7546.