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The Nanofat Facial

How does a vampire facial using my own blood differ from using my own fat?

As we present ourselves to others, our face and neck are the most visual areas and are also the areas where skin aging can be most apparent due to sun exposure.  As cosmetic physicians, we continually strive to manage and improve sun damaged, loose and wrinkled skin with nonsurgical procedures. Biologic skin rejuvenation is on the forefront and one of the hottest topics locally and abroad and has been taking the country by storm. 

Wrinkles and skin discolorations are usually addressed with expensive dermatological treatments such as dermal fillers, skin lasers and chemical peels that require numerous sessions. Such treatments often have no permanent effect on the skin. Therefore, wrinkles and discolorations may also benefit from the long-term regenerative properties of Nanofat.

What Is Nanofat?

Nanofat is made from your own fat in the office and is a simple procedure requiring no anesthesia. Other terms often used are, the Nanofat facelift, or the Nanofat facial.  First described in 2013, this revolutionary technology is using platelet rich growth factors in the form of PRP with your own fat emulsified into tiny fat particles (nano fat cells) to promote healthier skin. The platelet rich plasma (PRP) often referred to as a “Vampire”  procedure is derived from a routine blood draw in the office. 

What Does It Do?

The objective of all skin treatments is to slow down the aging process and collagen and elastin loss in the skin. Combining Nanofat and PRP appears to be achieving this goal. It has been shown to improve skin quality, texture, tone and elasticity, leaving the appearance of firmer, smoother and more beautiful skin.  A 2018 study from the aesthetic surgery journal also showed the nanofat facial to be beneficial in softening acne scars and making discoloration of the skin less pronounced.

How to Treat Aging Skin?

Resurfacing skin care lasers, Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling, injectables and thread lifting with PDO threads are all popular treatments for treating aged skin, and wrinkles. The biologics, using your own tissue, creates another vehicle to improve the overall appearance of facial skin.

Precise Intradermal Injection of Nanofat cells, using a small needle and topical numbing combined with PRP Improves the efficacy of facial Skin Rejuvenation. Areas ideal for improvement include the neckline, decolletage, perioral wrinkles of the lip line, and , crow’s feet regions, because the fat particles are small enough to be injected into the small areas.

Radiofrequency skin tighten and lifting PDO threads can be expensive and do not always product long lasting results. A biologic rejuvenation using your own tissue can have long lasting effects on the aging process.

The Nanofat Procedure

The Nanofat with stem cell facial will take about an hour. There is minimal downtime of some swelling and redness. The true biologic effects of the stem cells in the Nanofat are seen around three to four months. Many patients will repeat every 2 years for a longer lasting effect, however, even one treatment has been shown to produce long term results.

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