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The Botox and Dysport Procedure

What is the best way to decrease wrinkles in my forehead, between my brows or around my eyes?

The onset of forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and frown lines are a common problem for men and women as they age. These lines can make one appear tired and even angry. At Skin Secrets, one of the best ways to treat these problem areas, and or prevent the wrinkles from digging into the skin in the first place is with Botox or Dysport

Promote A Younger Appearance

BOTOX and Dysport are an excellent way to promote a younger appearance and can be a preventative treatment as well, by inhibiting the formation of wrinkles in the first place.  Both BOTOX and Dysport target the muscle below the skin’s surface, to inhibit the muscle contraction that is causing the frown lines and wrinkles to dig in gradually over time. The result is a diminished appearance of facial lines and wrinkles.

The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures

BOTOX® and or Dysport are the most popular cosmetic procedures in the country and one of our most requested services.  Both Botox and Dysport can reduce or eliminate facial lines and wrinkles for up to four to six months. The procedure is quick and easy to have done in a matter of minutes.  These tiny injections can produce a rejuvenated look by smoothing crow’s feet, softening the 11’s or frown lines between the brows, reducing or eliminating lines across the forehead, worry lines around the mouth, and lines on the neck.

How are wrinkles and facial lines formed?

How are wrinkles and facial lines formed? There are many contributing factors that cause wrinkles to set in. Wrinkles are not only caused by cellular aging, but the loss of volume and collagen starting in our late 20’s is also a major contributing factor. Genetics also can play a major role, as well as melanin content or lack thereof and sun damage. When you frown, smile, raise your brows or squint, the muscles on your forehead, between your brows, and around your eyes contract, causing the skin to wrinkle and crease leading to crow’s feet, and glabellar creases. Bunny lines on the nose and dimples of the chin, also will increase with time and can be treated with Botox or Dysport.

Both Stimulate Muscles

Botox and Dysport are both neurotoxins. Neurotoxins are substances that inhibit neurons, which work to stimulate the contraction of a muscle. Neurotoxins are injected with a very tiny needle into certain muscles to temporarily freeze them and inhibit muscle contraction. These products are injected into facial muscles to improve frown lines, wrinkles and aging furrows that can develop from years of squinting, frowning, and smiling.

Botox Injections

An FDA-approved aesthetic product that temporarily makes moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines look better in adults.


Skin Secrets by Dr. Greta McLaren applies advanced injection techniques that also lift and raise the brows, widen the eyes, soften lip lines, turn up the corners of the mouth and treat neck wrinkles. By starting BOTOX® early, you can prevent lines from becoming permanently ironed into your skin. BOTOX® can also be used to treat excessive sweating.

Dysport Injections

dysport before and after

Dysport is a natural-looking, fast-acting, long-lasting prescription injection proven to help smooth moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows—without changing the look or movement of the rest of your face.

Dysport temporarily treats moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows by reducing specific muscle activity.

Wrinkles are caused by repeated movements and muscle contractions. One injection into each of the 5 points between and above the eyebrows temporarily prevents muscle contractions that cause frown lines.

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