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The Benefits of Permanent Makeup You Didn’t Know

Discover the benefits of permanent makeup today with Skin Secrets. 

Permanent makeup, or cosmetic tattooing, is a cosmetic process that uses tattooing or micro-pigmentation to enhance facial features by adding contour or pigment to the top layers of the skin. The procedure involves dermatologist application of a tattoo to treatment areas including:

Though permanent makeup has been applied since 1902, the procedure has recently popularized. It was five to ten years ago that Vogue magazine published an article popularizing the procedure.

Permanent Makeup Patient Eligibility

Ideal Candidates

Ideal Candidates

The Benefits of Permanent Makeup

1. Maintenance Free

Permanent makeup is maintenance free and ideal for active people. Freely exercise and spend time outdoors without compromising style. 

2. Cost Effective

Daily make-up costs add up. Investing in permanent makeup solutions saves money in the cosmetic budget.

3. Time Saver

Save time spent applying makeup in the mornings and removing it at night with permanent makeup.

4. Allergy-Free

For those with skin sensitivities or allergies to cosmetic products, permanent makeup is a game changer. End the expensive trial and error cycle with hassle free permanent makeup.

5. Helps With Impairments

Permanent makeup solutions are ideal for those with certain conditions who experience difficulty applying makeup. Conditions include:  

6. Stress Reliever

Waking early each morning to begin a facial beauty regimen is stressful and potentially toxic. What’s more, removing makeup after the day is exhausting. Permanent makeup frees users from the boring routine and excessive energy loss.

7. Natural

Permanent makeup appears and feels natural, increasing self-confidence

How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

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There is no lifetime commitment with permanent makeup. Generally, permanent makeup lasts from 18 months to 3 years. Several factors affect permanent makeup longevity:

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