Photodynamic Therapy - Skin Secrets By Greta Dr. McLaren

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is an effective, new solution for stubborn acne which frequently fails to respond to traditional measures of control prescribed at the typical physician’s office. This revolutionary new treatment for acne offers far more than just a prescription.

This procedure can effectively treat mild to severe cystic acne and offers an alternative to Accutane without all the risks and side effects. Photodynamic therapy involves the application of a patented chemical, 5-aminolevulanic acid, to the face, back, chest, or shoulders. The chemical is allowed to absorb into the skin from one to two hours. The treated area is then activated with a blue, non- toxic light. Acne is improved by three mechanisms with this procedure. The bacteria that trigger acne are targeted and destroyed, the top layers of skin that trap the oil and bacteria exfoliate or peel, allowing the pores to unclog, and lastly, and of the utmost importance for long term acne improvement, the oil glands shrink as a result of this procedure This is significant because overactive oil glands are one of the main causes in the formation of acne.  The results have been long lasting- up to two years in some studies.

Personalized physician consultation, education, and a home skin care regimen are discussed with every patient. Prescription medications may be recommended at follow-up for long-term control.

Treatments are recommended in a series of three to five, spaced two to four weeks apart, depending on the severity of the condition

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