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The development of sunken or hollow parts of the face is a typical indicator of aging in males. This aging appearance is the result of a progressive decrease in natural collagen production. The transfer of facial fat is an effective surgery for men who want to restore face volume. It has the potential to impart a more young, robust, and lively look. Dr. Greta McLaren can do this in conjunction with liposuction or just remove the necessary amount (such as from the belly) for the fat transfer.  and utilize the good fat cells to restore lost facial volume, filling up sunken, haggard, or hollowed parts of the face.

How does facial fat transfer for men work?

Autologous fat injections are re-injected to enhance facial fullness, fill creases or build up shallow contours especially in the cheeks and temple area. It is also used to smooth thinning lips and erase under-eye bags and dark circles. When a facial fat grafting procedure is performed, fat is moved to the face from another part of the body.

The procedure may also be called autologous fat transfer or AFT, autologous fat grafting, micro-lipoinjection, facial fat rejuvenation, or nanofat injection or lipofilling. It is less expensive than fillers in the long run because results can last for many years or be permanent. It is simple, safe, and done while awake in an office setting.

Is the fat lumpy? Why are 3 fat size particles important to a physician who specializes in fat transfer?

An experienced physician like Dr. McLaren will make 3 different fat particle sizes.

The fat straight from your body is called Millifat. After purified, it is around 2 mm in size and used for deep volume enhancement in cheeks, temples, jawline, lips and deep wrinkles needing support.

The second fat particle made is called Microfat and is around 1 mm in size. This particle can fit through a needle and can be used like a filler in laugh lines, forehead wrinkles etc. This procedure is called SNIF or sharp needle intradermal fat grafting, where the fat is injected right into the skin, like a dermal filler.

The third fat made is called Nanofat. This is made when the fat is emulsified and screened into a thick liquid, high in growth factors and stem cells. It is used to improve skin texture and tone. Skin rejuvenation with microneedling is called the nanofat facial. It has many healing properties for scars or wounds.

Dr. Greta McLaren takes the time to make and use all three types of fat as she feels this gives the overall best results.


To qualify for face fat transfer for males, a patient must:

Most men meet these qualifications. During your appointment, Dr. Gretchen McLaren will assist you in determining whether or not this treatment is your best decision. In addition to dermal fillers for males, we also offer additional, less intrusive treatments for restoring volume. Together, you and Dr. Greta McLaren will choose the appropriate therapy for you to accomplish the desired outcomes.

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For over 30 years, Dr. McLaren has undergone extensive training in both cosmetic dermatology and laser surgery. She is a laser Surgeon and aesthetic medicine specialist who is considered an expert and has been invited to teach her aesthetic skills nationally to other physicians throughout the United States. She is a member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, and American Society for Photodynamic Therapy.

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