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LipoSculpting vs SculpSure – Why LipoSculpting may be Superior

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I am one of the doctors that offers many ways to get the shape you desire.  I offer the newest kid on the block, SculpSure, as well as in office Vaser and Smart lipo for patients body contouring needs. Vaser is a vast improvement over other energy based liposuction in that it offers tightening as well as extremely viable fat for grafting.

At my office, patients choose SculpSure for three major reasons. One, they simply aren’t willing to accept the downtime from any form of surgery. Two, they aren’t willing to accept surgical risk even if these risks are extremely small. Or three, they simply have too small of a spot of fat or trouble area that surgery would really be extreme.

What you will discover at a FREE consultation with me is that the cost of the non invasive laser (SculpSure) is not significantly smaller than the cost of LipoSculpting.  Just because a treatment is noninvasive does not mean that it will ever be cheap.  There is no cheap way to get rid of fat. If it is cheap, it is probably ineffective.

Lastly, its important to note that SculpSure and Lipo Procedures are not the only fat removal options that could work for you.  For example, We use ThermiTight, Kybella and many more in office procedures that might be a better fit, depending on your areas of concern.

That’s why a consultation with me is so important.  I can go over your concerns, address your specific problem areas and diagnose a solution that will make you happy.  Why wait?  The consultation is free; and I give you one hour of my time to assist you any questions, while going over each fat removal option in depth.

Right now, I am offering a special on LipoSculpting: Buy one area and get the second area 50% off.  Its an amazing deal and its set to expire soon!  Call today!  303-770-7546.

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