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Jeuveau-The Newest Neurotoxin

In our quest to look more youthful, the war on wrinkles continues to evolve.  First there was Botox, then came Dysport, an injectable form of botulinum toxin that frees those facial muscles to soften your fine lines and wrinkles.  What is the latest weapon you ask? Well, we will tell you! Skin Secrets is now offering Newtox Jeuveau Injections. Like Botox, Botulinum Toxin Type A is the active ingredient in Jeuveau.  This product allows us to treat frown lines and those vertical lines between your eyebrows. It is injected directly into the muscle to temporarily relax and reduce muscle contractions that cause wrinkles and lines.

Why Choose Jeuveau over Botox or Dysport?

It’s been ten years since the last neurotoxin came on the market!  Selecting one type of neuromodulator over another is pretty much based on aesthetic goals, patient experience, and the desire to try something new!  However, an exciting possible benefit is that Jeuveau could last longer than other wrinkle relaxers. During clinical studies, many subjects receiving Jeuveau reported a slightly longer duration of effect.

Can You Have Jeuveau If You’ve Had Botox or Dysport & What To Choose?

Absolutely!  Even if you have had BotoxDysport, or even Xeomin treatments in the past, you can absolutely receive Jeuveau injections.  Jeuveau is simply a newer nueromodulator treatment that addresses the same areas of concern. Just like any other injectable treatment, Dr. McLaren will provide guidance and recommendations based on your personal consultation. During the consultation Dr. McLaren will evaluate and discuss your aging concerns and will help you decide what will give you the best results for your unique needs and goals.

The Cost of Jeuveau

Right now Skin Secrets is holding a Coming Out Party for the amazing Newtox offering Jeveau at only $8.99 per unit.  That is a savings of $3.01 per unit for the month of June. Give us a call and schedule now for this amazing price as spots are limited!