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How To Slow Down The Aging Process

I often get asked about different ways to literally keep from aging, or what can slow down the aging process.  One of the best ways, I think is Sculptra Aesthetic

Why Sculptra Aesthetic?

Why is that? It is because Sculptra  actually stimulates your own collagen! As we’re aging, we’re losing quite a bit of collagen. Every year we begin seeing a decrease in collagen starting in our 20’s and even into our 30’s. So by the time we’re 60, our face is literally deflating and the bone, muscle,  and fat is all starting to go away underneath our face.

I always like to liken Sculptra to almost the framing of the house. Sculptra is like the material that will keep it up and sturdy.  And then if you want to put other fillers on top,  that would be like the roof of the house.  So down below is an example of a patient of mine who I’ve followed for many many years.

Slow Down The Aging Process

What I want you to notice is that these two photos are 10 years apart.  She is a a grandmother right now,  but 10 years earlier she certainly looked a little younger, but look how much she didn’t age over ten years! That’s because she’s kept up her Sculptra Aesthetic.  It goes in pretty much next to the eyes and the whole lower face and it keeps stimulating her own collagen.  So as she’s losing volume,  the Sculptra is replacing the volume back!  It’s almost as though she never ages.

A Simple Treatment

Sculptra is very easy to put in. It’s a complete treatment where it treats your whole face, not just individual lines. I think it’s one of the best things you can do to actually keep from aging,  so that five years later you look younger than you did five years earlier!  Interested in learning more, please follow us on YouTube, or give us a call to schedule your free consultation.