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How Dysport & Botox Prevent Wrinkles

I tend to inject a great deal of Dysport, more than Botox on women in their late thirties and early forties. However, I do often recommend one or the other for women in their twenties as well. Why? Prevention.

With regular maintenance, neuromodulators like Dysport and Botox can prevent wrinkles.

I use injectables to not only eliminate wrinkles and lift the face, but also to prevent those deeply imprinted lines that occur when muscles relax and cause skin creases. When we are younger, our volume and thickness in the facial skin can withstand the force of the underlying muscle, keeping our skin wrinkle free. However, as we age, and our skin begins to lose volume, it can no longer withstand those muscles and wrinkles begin to form. Before those creases become deeply imprinted, the injection of either Botox or Dysport can assist with the prevention of wrinkles.

If those vertical lines between the eyebrows run in your family, and you want to prevent that, potentially, if you start early, you will atrophy the facial muscles and weaken them so that you don’t have to get Botox or Dysport as frequently when you age. Consistency, however, is key.

With neurotoxins like botox and dysport, crow’s-feet disappear, as do the lines between the brows, but it can also give your face a lift. I can use injectables to lift your eyebrows and face and provide an overall younger-looking appearance. But it requires commitment.

You need to see the right doctor on a regular basis—which should be the number one priority when seeking out injections. The right doctor can make the difference between looking natural and refreshed to looking fake and overdone.

If you’re interested in starting a regimen of botox or dysport, I provide free consultations on a regular basis for new and existing clients. Call me at 303-770-7546.