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We at Skin Secrets by Dr. Greta McLaren are incredibly excited to introduce our exclusive MicroTox® treatment, right here in beautiful Cape Coral, Florida. Our state-of-the-art aesthetic clinic is among the first in the region to offer this cutting-edge procedure – a revolutionary step forward in anti-aging skin care.

MicroTox®, commonly known as “Baby Botox”, is a unique alternative to the popular Botox wrinkle reducing injectable treatment. However, some patients are looking for less prominent or less obvious changes to their face, or are concerned that a Botox injection may lead to an “emotionless” or frozen expression on their face.

MicroTox® includes tiny doses of Botox that are delivered under and onto your facial skin using micro needles that are thinner than a hair strand. Women and men who seek to reduce their facial lines and wrinkles, but want to avoid the highly potent Botox treatment can choose MicroTox®.

The Benefits of MicroTox® Includes:

With MicroTox®, you can kiss goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. This treatment is designed to smooth, tighten and lift, providing a youthful glow that radiates from within. And the best part? It doesn’t require any downtime! You can step right back into your day, looking and feeling your absolute best.

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Dr. Greta McLaren

Dr. McLaren is the founder and owner of “Skin Secrets by Dr. McLaren” where her philosophy is that “only your doctor knows for sure…”

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Why Choose Skin Secrets by Dr. Greta McLaren?

Embrace the journey of beauty transformation with Dr. Greta McLaren, your dedicated partner in aesthetic evolution. Far from being just another physician, Dr. McLaren combines her robust medical expertise with a discerning artistic vision, to customize every MicroTox® treatment specifically for you. She acknowledges the beauty in individuality and tailors each treatment plan to magnify your unique allure, taking personalization to new heights.

At Skin Secrets, your safety isn’t just a priority – it’s our credo. Dr. McLaren’s sterling reputation for professional integrity, coupled with her meticulous adherence to the most stringent safety standards, guarantees that you’re entrusting your aesthetic aspirations to the finest hands in the field. Your comfort, satisfaction, and stunning transformation are the cornerstones of our practice.

Why allow creases to narrate your expressions? Seize the reins with MicroTox® injections today. We warmly invite you to visit us in Cape Coral, Florida, where Dr. McLaren and her proficient team are eager to guide you towards revitalized, youthful skin.

Schedule your consultation now and initiate your path to a rejuvenated, radiant version of yourself. Remember, with MicroTox® injections, you’re not altering your essence; instead, you’re revealing your inner beauty in its most luminous form.

Get in touch with Skin Secrets today or call us at 239-800-SKIN(7546) to arrange your complimentary consultation. Your journey towards unveiling your most beautiful self starts with us.

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