Liquid Brazilian Butt Lift

Sculptra Liquid Brazilian Butt Lift

Only your doctor knows for sure.

Skin Secrets by Dr. Greta McLaren in Cape Coral, FL now offers Sculptra Liquid Brazilian Butt Lift.  A cutting edge in non-surgical butt enhancement. This procedure uses Sculptra®, a unique dermal filler, to add volume and contour to the buttocks, creating a more shapely and lifted appearance. Unlike traditional methods, it requires no surgery or extensive downtime. Sculptra® is the only FDA-approved poly-L-lactic acid filler that allows guests to build volume over time, making it the perfect filler for BBL treatment. 

Dr. Greta McLaren's Expertise

At Skin Secrets, this sophisticated procedure is supervised by Dr. Greta McLaren, a renowned expert in aesthetic medicine in Southwest Florida. Dr. McLaren’s extensive experience and skill in cosmetic procedures ensure that clients receive the highest standard of care and achieve optimal results.

Benefits of Sculptra Liquid Brazilian Butt Lift

  • Minimally Invasive

    No surgery means fewer risks and a faster recovery time.

  • Natural-Looking Results

    Sculptra stimulates the body's own collagen production, offering results that look and feel natural.

  • Long-Lasting Effects

    The results from Sculptra can last up to two years or more, making it a durable option for butt enhancement.

  • Personalized Treatment

    Each procedure is tailored to the individual's body shape and desired outcome.

The Procedure

Skin Doctor in Southwest Florida

Dr. Greta McLaren

Dr. McLaren is the founder and owner of “Skin Secrets by Dr. McLaren” where her philosophy is that “only your doctor knows for sure…”

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Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Ideal candidates for the Sculptra Liquid Brazilian Butt Lift at Skin Secrets are individuals looking for a non-surgical solution to enhance the shape and size of their buttocks. The treatment is suitable for those seeking a natural-looking improvement in buttock contour and volume.

Why Choose Skin Secrets?

Expert Supervision

Under Dr. Greta McLaren's supervision, clients can trust in receiving a procedure that is safe, effective, and tailored to their needs.

Advanced Techniques

Utilizing the latest advancements in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Skin Secrets stays at the forefront of aesthetic medicine.

Client-Centered Approach

We prioritize client satisfaction, offering personalized care in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

The Sculptra Liquid Brazilian Butt Lift at Skin Secrets, under the expert supervision of Dr. Greta McLaren, offers a safe, effective, and innovative option for enhancing the buttocks without surgery. Our commitment to excellence and personalized care ensures that each client’s journey towards beauty and confidence is as rewarding as the results.

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