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Bellafill: The Five Year Filler

What Is Bellafill?

Bellafill, or what I like to call The Five Year Filler, is an FDA-approved, collagen-based filler used to reduce the appearance of smile lines and pitted acne scars on the cheeks. The injection immediately adds volume below the surface of the skin for smooth results that last longer than other, less permanent, fillers.

Bellafill is what is called a semi-permanent dermal filler. The collagen in Bellafill provides immediate volume below pitted scars or nasolabial folds to lift them to the level of the surrounding skin. Results are immediate and long lasting, up to five years.

FDA Approved

Bellafill has been FDA approved as a filler since 2006. I’ve been doing it at my practice since that time. Its been around for awhile, but (for whatever reason), its not as well known as some of the other dermal fillers that I prescribe.

For this reason, I am hosting a Bellafill Lunch and Learn event at Skin Secrets Medical Spa in Greenwood Village on Feb. 15. We will be providing an overview of exactly why Bellafill is a longtime secret used by many people around the world.

Sooner or later, facial aging catches up with us all. Although injectable dermal fillers are often the preferred treatment for lines and wrinkles, many yield results that are temporary and require repeat treatments. Bellafill is a more permanent solution.

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