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7 Ways to Anti-Age Your Lips

7 Ways to Prevent Lip Aging | Skin Secrets

There are several ways to prevent the acceleration of lip aging.

1. Apply Anti-Aging Lip Care

Investing in Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and hyaluronic acid products goes a long way to smooth, plump and anti-age lips naturally.

2. Smoothing the Surface

Exfoliation, shea butter and natural oils smooth the lip’s surface. 

3. Makeup

A touch of gloss or over-lining the lips plumps the pouts faster.

4. Lifestyle Changes

A touch of gloss or over-lining the lips plumps the pouts faster.

5. Fillers

Lip injections with a hyaluronic acid filler deliver lasting solutions. Dr. Greta McLaren of Skin Secrets explains a typical lip injection is performed with a tool called a cannula, not a needle. The cannula’s tip is rounded instead of sharp. “Cannula injection is more comfortable for the patient and also helps to minimize the chances of bruising,” he says.

Dermal filler products enhance lip volume, define lip shape, fill out shallow facial contours and enhance cheekbone appearance. 

6. Permanent Lip Lining

Popularizing permanent lip lining is the tattoo application of liner placed on the lips. Combined with other techniques including highlighting lip definer and lip blushing, they have a more natural effect.

7. Lip Lifting

Traditional lip lifting using neurotoxins is still being used by physicians recreating a similar look.


Why Lips Age

Lips, once showing a plump pout, appear thinner and drier as we age.

1. Genetics and Heredity

Lip shape, size, and plumpness are determined by heredity.

2. Thin Skin

Lip skin is thinner than the rest of the skin on the body. It consists of only three to five layers compared to other parts, which have sixteen layers. 

3. Lifestyle

Smoking, drinking with straws, nervous lip chewing and other unhealthy habits can age lips faster.

4. Time

At the age of 14, women’s lips reach maximum thickness and after which begin thinning.

5. Ultraviolet Rays

The sun’s rays age lips, especially if over-exposed during sun tanning. Apply sunscreen to your face, body and lips.

6. Moisture Loss

Unlike the skin on other parts of the body, lips don’t have sebaceous (sweat) glands. They tend to dry out faster and do not produce much sebum (moisturizer for the skin).

7. Volume Loss

It is normal for lips to thin, flatten and appear to fold over the teeth. Lips lose plumpness because of less collagen contents and hyaluronic acid as we age.

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