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6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Juvéderm Lip Fillers

Do you see those beautiful full lips on people and just have this desire to have the same full lips ? Well, you can have them! You can get plump, full lips with Juvéderm® treatments. With Juvéderm® lip fillers, you can feel both confident and beautfiul without being envious of what others have AND without having to undergo surgery!

Basically, Juvéderm® lip fillers can give you voluminous and youthful lips. This dermal filler evens out quickly without forming bumps and lumps. It is made of an acid that naturally develops in the body making it very safe to use.  Here 6 facts you didn’t know about Juvederm® lip fillers:

1. It isn’t permanent

Juvéderm® affects people differently, but results generally last for a while. That means if you’d prefer a smaller dosage next time around or you want to try a fuller lip, you have the option to try it out.

2. You could get the exact kind of lips you desire

If you want noticeably big lips, our provider can give you injections to achieve the desired look. You could also get just one injection, which will provide you with fuller lips, but not as much as when you use more filler.

3. It’s an alternative to collagen fillers

Juvéderm® is an improvement on earlier fillers like collagen. Research shows that Juvéderm® lasts almost twice as long as collagen.

4. It’s reversible

If you do not like the results you get with Juvéderm®, you don’t have to be stuck with lips you don’t like. With Juvéderm®, the goal is to give you the exact result you want.

5. After the treatment, you can resume your daily activities

There is virtually no downtime, and no aftercare is necessary.

6. Gradual pace of treatment is an option

In case you are getting Juvéderm® for the first time and feel nervous and not too sure, our skilled professional can inject the filler a little at a time to give you time to adjust to your fuller-looking lips, providing a more natural transition.  You can find out more about Juvéderm® lip fillers by visiting us at Skin Secrets!